Following in the wake of The Edges of Twilight the band released Alhambra (named after the Moorish Palace in Granada, Spain), a collection of reworked acoustic tracks, plus one new one Time, with Roy Harper on vocals. The acoustic tracks were stripped-back versions of some key songs from the Edges of Twilight recorded using the array of exotic instruments that had been showcased on the previous record. Also on the record was an electronic infused remix of Sister Awake by Rhys Fulber, which was a departure for the band’s sound but delicately hinted at what was to follow.

Revolutionary for Alhambra was its inclusion of over 47 minutes of multimedia videos, pictures and facts about the band on the album, which was ahead of its time. Each of the exotic instruments was showcased in a video segment, and a new official video for ‘Shadows on the Mountainside’ was included.

The band supported this release with a tour known as the “Acoustic and Eclectic” tour, which included two sets, one acoustic with the exotic instruments and then another plugged in.

Some additional ‘Alhambra versions’ of tracks later appeared on the Triptych Special Edition, and the band performed these tracks in a Much Music showcase in 1997, prior to the release of their next album.

Alhambra has often been retrospectively called ‘The calm before the storm’.